Caucasian, just over average height with sandy unkempt hair and a quick smile.


Tor was and has always been a specialist in vehicles. He is a skilled driver but excels in aircraft. He dabbles in jet skis, jet boats and other powered water craft when he has some down time.

Despite a military background he is somewhat a loner. He works well in a team provided they don’t look over his shoulder all the time and being in a confined space with team mates soon turns into cabin fever.

He has a knack to move fast when required and the patience to sit and observe a target to understand weak points.

Some people would say he’s a petrol head, but Tor has an instinctive feel for nature thats grown over time. He can be found in local bars where he keeps a low profile but picks up local information.

Whilst not combat orientated his military history means that he is familiar with weapons and has a heavily modified AK-97 for personal protection Joe. Sometimes he protects stuff that doesn’t belong to him, until it does…


Tor was trained in the military but has done his tour of duty and resigned his commission in favour of making his own way.

He has joined up with a group of like minded individuals.

Currently he can be found doping drugs, stealing cars, shooting other runners and making enemies of dead rock stars by descrating graves.


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