Monday Night Shadowrun

The Story So Far

Regardless of your backgrounds, you’re all new to the Shadowrunning business. You’ve either turned to it because you have no other option, because you want to make some money without being a wage slave, for the excitement or maybe some other reason.

Everyone knows that Shadowrunning alone is suicide – without a team with a good balance of skills you’re probably going to get killed or thrown in a corporate prison pretty fast. For this reason, each of you reached out to your contacts and through networks like ShadowSea and Jackpoint for people looking to form a new team. So far, you haven’t met in person but have done enough background checks on each other to feel fairly happy that nobody’s a plant, and that collectively you cover good ground. You’ve put the word out that a new team is available, and are currently waiting for the first job to come through one of your fixers or other contacts. Seattle is one of the best places to get this sort of work, so you’re confident it’ll happen even though you currently don’t have a reputation to help you.

Let’s hope it’s soon though – even imitation soy food isn’t free.


sjstreeting sjstreeting

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