Ex-runner, native American Coyote


Stalker used to be a Denver runner a decade or so ago. A good one too, since he’s still alive. He’s physically quite imposing despite being well into his 50’s now, a native American 6’7" tall, riding a custom designed low rider motorcycle with a he two-handed sword mounted at the rear (easily withing reach when riding).

Stalker is a bit gruff and irritable, but get him talking and he can be quite friendly and likeable – he can’t wait to tell younger runners how much more impressive his exploits were ‘back in the day’. He can be quite helpful if indulged.

Stalker is now married and has implied that he married a ‘Mrs Johnson’. He now makes a living as a guide, and illegally getting people across the PCC / CAS border in Denver via a labyrinth of caves he learned to navigate while escaping the carnage of Content Not Found: ghostwalker‘s attack on Aztlan 11 years ago, which his team got caught in the middle of. He hasn’t said what happened to the rest of his team.



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