Female Ork mechanic and rigger, Coyote


Peaches is a female Ork who specialises in auto repair and modification, and also acts as a guide and smuggler across the CAS/UCAS border in Denver.

Peaches is in her late 20’s, about 5’5" and of slender, athletic build. She has red hair and dark green skin, with two small tusks. Some might call her very attractive, but if they added ‘for an Ork’ they’re likely to get a wrench in the head.

She is very friendly, open and has a strong ‘southern belle’ accent that might lead you to believe that she’s a bit simple and perhaps a bit helpless. However, Peaches seems to run a sizeable auto shop as well as a side job doing illegitimate business across the CAS/UCAS border, so there must be something more to her than meets the eye/ear.



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