Monday Night Shadowrun

Scorpions down, next!

After Drax dropped, the last remaining biker who is a way away on the stunt track decides it’s time to make a run for it, and speeds away on his bike. However, Tor zeroes in on him with Joe, and one last burst sends him sprawling into the dirt.

Meanwhile, a high explosive grenade with a crucial component missing (the pin) is attached to Drax’s belt. Since Whiskey is down, running away would be condemning him to almost certain death, and carrying him would be too slow to make any headway. Lightning makes a decision and dives for the grenade – a risky manoeuver. However, with the help of a little Edge he manages to pull it cleanly from Drax’s belt and throw it into an empty area of the car park, before it detonates harmlessly in a ball of flame.

The team finish off any survivors and get Whiskey back on his feet with a quick healing spell from Mouse. They decide to try to take some bikes with them, most of them seem to be standard Harley Scorpions, but Drax’s has been customised – it has no wireless node (all manual) and has some custom gyroscopic stabilisers in it, meaning it coasted gently to a stop even after Drax leapt off it. At first, refuses to start (Tor is the one trying to get it started, having the mechanical knowledge and also wearing a non-conductive suit just in case of booby traps).

Meanwhile, after looting the Scorpions weapons they decide they’re interested in Drax’s cyberware, so they decide to take his arms and torso with them. Lightning also decides to send a message by placing Drax’s head on a spike near the stunt track’s entrance. It’s all a bit of a gruesome amateur surgery moment.

After having difficulty getting Drax’s bike going, Tor wheels it near to the various body parts that are left of Drax and find it starts when he gets close to his head. Also at this point, Whiskey has been checking the Scorpion’s commlinks and find that one of them raised an SOS to the rest of the gang just before he died, so they decide to leave in a hurry. Tor really doesn’t want to leave Drax’s bike behind, so decides to take his head with him and figure it out later. Whiskey takes another regular bike, and Faceman tries to, except that when he starts it, the engine burns out ina shower of sparks (his Gremlins strike again). So he goes with the others in the car instead.

Driving away from the scene deliberately away from the route they arrived, it suddenly occurs to Tor that since he has Drax’s head, which has an embedded commlink, there’s a good chance he could be tracked. Since he can’t drive the bike without the head, he quickly returns to pick up another bike instead, regretting leaving the custom machine behind.

They take the long way back to the warehouse they’re renting in Denver and don’t encounter and problems – for the moment, they seem to have got away with it, although at the expense of Whiskey having to rest up for a while.

They spend the next week laying low and training (with the exception of Faceman, who manages to catch the odd evening of clubbing), before the next job offer comes in. This one involves going to lunch with Mr Johnson at quite a nice restaurant called the Aspen Chalet. After getting their food, Mr Johnson explains that he wants to hire the team to disrupt the business of another corporation – anything including sabotage, harassment and kidnap, so long as no-one is killed and no damage is done to the facilities or environment. After a little back-and-forth they discover the reasons are to do with a takeover bid that Mr Johnson wants to accelerate.

The team are split about the job; Lightning, Faceman and Mouse don’t want to do it, feeling uncomfortable strong-arming one business for another (and not impressed by the ¥5000 each on offer), while Whiskey and Tor just see it as a job for one faceless corporation over another. On a majority vote they decide to turn the offer down.


Actually, I was ambivalent about the job, not totally against it, but mainly not impressed by the paltry fee offered.

Scorpions down, next!

Ah – glad it was the fee!

As a deniable asset, having hurt, maimed and killed people who were after the same goal (disk) and then maybe sold into the “he ain’t dead” mythos and desecrated a corpse in the process, maybe having doped “aware” drugs and burnt lots of semi innocents my moral compass sees nothing in this taking out of a business. Depends on the amount of work for the new yen at that point. Its business after all…

Scorpions down, next!

PS Nice write up Steve!

Scorpions down, next!

Yeah, but as a group I think we can start to pick-and-choose our jobs now. Whether it is money, morals, allegiances or gut feelings. As long has we maintain a majority vote, we should not have any problems… :-0

By the way I will be late tonight, meeting to attend. Hopefully about 9:30. But that is when Jim usually turns up anyway. ;-)

Scorpions down, next!

I can see your point Jim, but Lightning is viewing this from a slightly different angle in that the first job was a big learning experience for him as the original job was retrieving lost property and it turned out to be a very different story!

Though we operate outside the bounds of the law Lightning still is at heart a good man trying to make the best of a situation, he was at a low in his life when he took the first job but now is beginning to think that he can make a difference in the right sort of way ….

As for this particular job after working for a ruthless mega-corp crushing smaller businesses etc. this job is all too close to a past he would rather forget!!

On another note I was wondering whether there is a way to find out the companies involved in this one as Lightning would like to warn the target company?!

Scorpions down, next!

Mmmmm….. as much as I (not Faceman) recognize what you are trying to do in regards to being a good guy, we cannot turn into vigilantes. Doing good for no other reason… The bikers hit was very much that. We made enemy’s for no job or pay. We have to take jobs that pay!

Scorpions down, next!

I know but it is one of those things that as you play your character you think about his motivations, history etc. and try and decided on what drives him …

Personal motivations may at some times be at odds with the group or individuals in the group but knowing what your characters motivations are is important to role-playing the situations … my character is not money driven so I am sure this will lead to interesting character interactions over the coming weeks :-)

Scorpions down, next!

Oh, on the money front we do have bikes and cyber gear to sell so efforts not completely for nothing .. plus that feel good feeling in your heart that you did something good ;-)

Scorpions down, next!

I wouldn’t particularly want to warn the smaller company.

Having the weight of a major corp shift their focus to dusting us wouldn’t be nice and the smaller company are aware of the issue – if they aren’t do they deserve to be in business?

Also it puts us in a very fragile position with future Mr Johnsons. E.g. black balling our crew re future jobs.

That said we also can’t afford to be too picky for similar reasons. We are a rooky outfit despite our lack of major losses and so far we’ve pushed out the first Mr Johnson of his hood.

Scorpions down, next!

PS Finished Neuromancer yesterday – if you haven’t read it, its very topical…

Scorpions down, next!

I was thinking more of saying to the smaller company that they should think seriously about returning to the negotiating table and coming to an agreement as the next guys that get offered the job will be a lot less picky and they will get hit!

That way everyone wins as company being targeted avoids being hit but big company still gets what it wanted but maybe at a higher asking price …

But just a random thought not that important in the scheme of things!

Scorpions down, next!

I read Neuromancer a few years ago and was a bit disappointed TBH, maybe because it had been built up so much. I read Snow Crash recently which I enjoyed a lot more.

Scorpions down, next!

Oh yes SnowCrash is leagues better – but not quite as applicable as Neuromancer e.g. settings wise. Not suggesting it (Neuromancer) is literary genius material, its just topical.

Have you read any other Neal Stephenson novels? Struggling with QuickSilver at the moment. I picked it up mid mental crisis(too many late nights) and needed to step back. Whereas SnowCrash leads you through and gives you a decent storyline, so far I feel like I’m reading Tolkien without the good bits or the Old Testament Bible and the topics are a little “stilted”.

Scorpions down, next!

Nope, only Snow Crash although Diamond Age i on my list.

Scorpions down, next!
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