Monday Night Shadowrun

Enter the Dragon

As the alarms in the Buddhist temple go off, Whiskey disconnects from the VR system and realises where he is, while the others quickly check out the scene. Very quickly, a magical barrier appears around the temple, blocking off the main entrance with an opaque, plastic-like surface. Mouse uses astral to scout out the front through the barrier (it’s only physical), where she sees an air spirit in the shape of a chinese dragon floating. Unfortunately Mouse has a negative quality which means every air spirit hates her, and when the dragon sees her it immediately attacks, following her back into the temple when she retreats.

Mouse returns to her body and the dragon quickly materialises in its physical form and attacks. It focusses on Mouse initially and the others find it is highly resistant to their guns. Tor, however, uses his Adept abilities to power up his fists and is able to damage it quite heavily that way. The dragon breathes a noxious gas on as many people as it can, making many of them feel nauseous but Tor and Whiskey get particularly badly affected. Eventually after a lot of vomit and a fair time of whittling the dragon down, it eventually dissipates back into the astral in defeat.

Afterwards, they hear a number of mall cops approach the doorway. They seem surprised that the dragon attacked, and say that Knight Errant are on their way to sort out the arrest. They also say that until a couple of minutes ago, the dead mall guards’ biomonitors were not reporting anything wrong, hence why they are assumed to have murdered them (even though they were dead when the team arrived and had been dead for at least 30 minutes). The other mall cops are clearly shaken up and Faceman can’t convince them to drop the barrier and talk themselves, they will wait for the ‘real cops’. The team start discussing what to do – whether to wait for Knight Errant and negotiate, or even accept arrest to get in to the head office prison, or whether to make a break for it.


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