Monday Night Shadowrun

Clearing the Mafia's name

The team recuperate and train for another week, sorting out their gear at the same time. Then, a call comes in from an orc named Miguel, a jovial sort of bloke with one large gold tusk who invites them to meet his boss, the Don of the Casquilho family, to help with a little problem they have – they’ve been recommended by Omar Chavez. They’re to meet tonight at Marcel’s Pizza House, an up-market joint in the CAS.

They enlist Peaches to get them across the border again, and meet Miguel at the side entrance – Marcel’s is already very busy and there’s a queue at the main entrance. Miguel’s dressed in a fashionable suit that doesn’t fit him properly and is as affable as he was on the comm, apologising when he insists that they have to give up their weapons before meeting the Don. After that formality, he leads them through the kitchens into a back room, which has a large one-way mirror looking into the main restaurant, which is heaving with customers and a large number of scantily-clad waitresses, about 1 in 3 of which have unusual (but not unattractive) mutations marking them out as children of the comet. Behind a large round table is an old man of about 80, dressed in an expensive but old-fashioned suit and flanked by 2 bodyguards.

Don Casquilho invites the team to sit, and food soon arrives in the form of high-quality pizza, spicy fries and beer – none of which seems to be synthetic. The Don comes across as a concerned old man, and reveals that one of his ‘grandsons’ in the family, Dean Costello, has been framed for a double homicide and data hack at a company called Lucom: he passes across a news report with the details. Although Dean has a criminal record for hacking, and a history of using relationships with women to gain access, this sort of violence is absolutely out of the question and this must be the result of a frame. The Don wants the team to gather evidence to clear Dean, and to find out who framed him. The job is worth ¥2000 up front, with ¥3000 on completion (Faceman negotiates that up to ¥4000).

The team clarifies that if their evidence should indicate that Dean is guilty, they will still be paid – but the Don is adamant that that’s not going to happen, he knows Dean is innocent. He gives them a fake ID that will let them pose as Dean’s lawyer so they can speak to him at the Knight Errant division he’s being held at.

After a bit of discussion, the team decides to scout the LuCom building first. They find it’s located in a small commercial park, surrounded by a number of other small corporate buildings, with a coffee shop and electronics store facing it across the road. The first thing they notice is that there aren’t any AROs (Augmented Reality Object) showing up anywhere in the entire commercial park – even the coffee shop, while open, is completely devoid of any hovering price lists or daily special announcements. This is very unusual, it’s like all the AR nodes in the area have crashed.

The only ARO in the whole area is a hovering ‘Police Line: Do Not Cross’ AR tape scrolling around the corner of the steps at the front of the LuCom building. tape It’s evening, and the LuCom building is mostly dark, although given the events they probably gave most employees a day off anyway. About 4 metres up, a Knight Errant blimp drone is making a patrol around the front of the building, with a wide angle lens recording everything.

Faceman heads into the coffee shop to get some intel, while the others decide where to start their investigations.


Thanks for the write up Steve, any chance you could email me a copy of the police report as I did not get a good chance to look at it …. I need to know who Lightning can shoot ;-)

Clearing the Mafia's name

Follow the ‘news report’ link in the text ;)

Clearing the Mafia's name

Looking at the Police report again, it seems that whoever did the job gained access to the building using the stolen Comm links, rather than through hacking nodes outside. They then must have used the companies computers to transfer/copy data, then destroy the machines and leave.
So there must be evidence of these people entering and leaving the building within 15 minutes….

Clearing the Mafia's name

Yeah thanks, saw that after I wrote my comment … the wonders of modern technology eh? ;-)

Clearing the Mafia's name

Only things is all hear say – e.g. news feed. They’d write about their Grandmothers death at the hands of an evil news hack if it would give them an audience…

Things that concern me are the lack of AR nodes, the bloody deaths – what purpose? Silencing accomplices/witnesses?

As I was always told – follow the money. Who gains?

Clearing the Mafia's name
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